Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions In Progress

I think I am going to have many in 2010. Hopefully this blog post will serve as my reminder list. I may even periodically come back to it and edit it. Edit by adding more resolutions as well as checking some off as they're accomplished.

So I will get the normal ones out of the way.
1. Lose weight (does anyone ever want to gain weight?)
2. Be a better mom
3. Be closer to God
4. Be a better wife
5. Go to church more regularly

Now for some different ones.
Get Hannah's bedroom fully decorated (dresser refinished, artwork up, and curtain for her window made)
Get Makaela's bedroom fully decorated (artwork up and curtain for her window made)
Get our bedroom fully decorated (new bedspread, walls antiqued, curtains, artwork up, buy a piece of furniture - could be a chaise lounge or a dresser type piece)
Get valance for above kitchen window
Get some sort of drapery piece for back door
Organize all of the junk in our office (paid bills, medical paperwork, receipts, books, etc)
Get scrapbooking layouts into albums
Find a Christmas tree topper
Have Christmas gifts purchased by end of November
Plan a nice 35th birthday for Joel
Create a prayer list so I can reference something every night
Take more video of the girls
Plan out meals for the entire year (not 365 meals at once, but get a workable basic plan in motion and then plan out the meals on a weekly basis)
Train for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on 6/5/10
Get older pictures printed and ready to be scrapbooked
Get Hannah signed up for some extracaricular activity (soccer, karate, dance, etc.)
Do a Jillian Michaels workout DVD at least once a week
Get the kids exercising more
Teach Hannah how to ride a bike with no training wheels
Exercise the dogs more

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