Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily 20

The day after the party!

Joel and I are always moving a little slower than normal on this day. It's nice not to have the girls there waking us up early. We got up and immediately began cleaning up a bit of the aftermath -- washing dishes, collapsing tables and chairs, washing table cloths, etc. We have so much leftover alcohol this year! I think that's in part to not a lot of people drinking heavily and that we had the bar in a tight spot. All the beer was drunk (drank? drunken? drinked?) but the vodka, rum, wine, champagne, and whiskey was almost completely untouched. We may nned to have a New Years Party.

After we got the house put back together some, we headed up to meet Joel's parents in Santa Clarita. They were kind enough to meet us halfway with the girls. We had a nice lunch and then headed for home. Since we were going through Pasadena I asked Joel to stop at a place I heard of a few weeks back. Stats Floral. Someone told me they did a good Christmas spread. Boy did they ever! I am looking forward to going back. Here is a beautiful piece they had hanging from the ceiling. Oh if I could do this in my house!

For the most part we relaxed the rest of the day.

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