Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily 12

So I decided to try and finally capture that Christmas photo of the girls. Heaven help me! I think I took well over 150 pictures and not one of them turned out. Most of the time it was because those two stinkers couldn't focus long enough to both give me a good smile at the same time, but I was also the victim of my ameture photography skills. I know just enough to be extremely dangerous and many of my pictures came out grainy. So frustrating. Here are some examples of what I was dealing with:

Today Hannah is still not running a normal temp. It's at 100.0. Her energy level is normal as is her appetite, but I don't want to risk anyone being exposed to her bug which means I had to fly solo tonight at my office Christmas party while Joel stayed home with the girls. This makes me sad as all of my co-workers (all 7 of them) really like him and I think he has a good time each year. Oh well. Such is life with little kids at this time of year.
So I went to my and had a wonderful time as was expected. It was at my dad's (boss's) house. The food was delicious. Everyone was in good spirits. The annual gift exchange was entertaining. Only 15 people were there so it went rather quick. The max is $10. I brought a really nice Waterford limited edition ornament and it didn't go over well. This was a good gift. Normal MSRP = $30. I am not sure if people really got the quality of it or if it was because it was the 2nd to last present to be picked from the pile. I would have loved to have gone home with it. Instead I went home with a leopard print Snuggie (the "hot" informercial gift of 2009) with a bonus book light inside. I actually stole the Snuggie from Nancy (my stepmom) for reasons I will divulge later.

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