Friday, December 18, 2009

December Daily 17

Drove the girls up to Tehachapi.

Crazy day. Hannah had last day of preschool for this year which meant Christmas party. She gave Miss Chrissy and Miss Erin each one of those 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works. The scent was Candy Cane and it smelled so yummy! Some of her classmates gave each kid a little goodie and I felt like a bad mommy. We'll for sure have to do something for Valentines Day.

I rushed home to pack them up.

Then we picked up Hannah and swung by Joel's work so the girls could drop off some toys in his Toys for Tots box. Also so he could say goodbye. We explained to Hannah that we were giving toys away to kids who didn't have any. I think she got it as well as any 4 year old can.

Then we were off for the long drive to Tehachapi (2.5 hours). Made it up there and had a yummy dinner made by Lola. Papa was wonderful as usual and bought Snow White. Hannah loved it. I think it's cute that he can't wait until Christmas to give them presents. Makaela is very attached to Papa. There's no way I would have been able to leave if he weren't there. As it was, she sensed I was going to leave and got a little clingy. So I stayed a few extra minutes and cuddled with her. I explained I would be back. Then we distracted her with drawing and I snuck off.

Got home at about 9:00PM and jumped right into preparing the house for our big party.

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