Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Daily 25

Christmas Day! Finally! After much stress, the holiday has arrived. How sad is it that I stressed over this wonderous day. I tried so hard to focus on the meaning behind it, but failed miserably when trying to buy for all of our loved ones. I am sad that buying gifts for my loved ones didn't bring me joy. Yes, watching them open the gifts brought me great joy, but the experience of picking something special out for them did not. Something to work on for next year I guess. I think I will begin my Christmas shopping now. :)

I think this Christmas will be the last one we have to wake up our girls. At 8:00AM I went into Hannah's room and awoke her. We had to in order to make it to mass on time. Then I got Makaela up. I think she could have easily slept another 2 hours if I had let her ... poor thing. We went downstairs and Hannah saw the empty plate of cookies and carrots with a special note from Santa. Mommy had to leave the note for him from the girls because they were just too tired when we got home from my dad's last night. They opened their stockings and both found that they had received a special ornament from Santa just like they had asked for in their letters.

Next it was over to the tree for presents. Hannah immediately saw Makaela's new tricycle and needless to say they were distracted with that for a few minutes. I think we could have easily gotten away with just the one tricycle a sa gift and been fine. But they seemed to enjoy opening their other gifts. Hannah had fun watching us open the special gifts she made us in school. A treasured ornament for each of us. Hannah received the Perfect Brownie and slippers like she had asked for along with a plant kit, a bath tub trumpet, a book light, a lap drawing table, and the movie Monsters, Inc. Makaela got the tricycle, a puzzle, a cobbler's bence, the movie A Bug's Life, and a few more items. The girls both got the movie Nightmare Before Christmas (side note: they have been obsessed with the song "This is Halloween" from that movie ever since we all went to Disneyland and went on Haunted Mansion and Joel downloaded the song to his iPod). And for each other, Hannah picked out a special Disney princess set of musical instruments for Makaela and Makaela got Hannah a paid of Snow White high heels. Joel spoiled me with a bunch of stylish cold weather clothes. My favorite of which are these REI pants. Oh my gosh!!!! You won't believe how snuggly and warm these things are! And best of all, they have a nice fit and I can totally wear them out and about without feeling like I am walking around in trashy sweatpants. I also got a few tops which I love. Seriously, at Christmas time, he goes nuts! I can never compare. What did I get him? Underwear. I know boring. But the kind he really likes are $25 a pair. I got him 3 pair. And a bladder cleaning kit for his Camelback. But he outdid me again. Our pattern seems to be he gets me good at Christmas and I get him good at Valentine's Day. So I have some thinking to do.

The girls before the opening commenced. Makaela snagged a leftover piece from Santa's cookie plate.

Hannah next to one of the gifts she made for me and Joel.

Each time we've gone to a store with snowglobes, she's begged to touch them. So she really enjoyed this special gift.

Poor little Makaela's legs are not quite long enough to reach the peddals yet. But she knows this bike is hers. Despite how often Hannah rides it.

Daddy's special ornament.

My special ornament.

Then it was off to church at 11:00. We were pleasantly surprised to see the Fitkowski family there too. We all sat together and it was great. I really felt good and renewed after mass. We have not been good at going every Sunday. As a matter of fact, we're one of those families that only hits in on the major holidays. Something both Joel and I despise. I think I will really push to get us there more frequently. Using the kids ages and energy levels has been too convenient of an excuse for too long now.

After church we came home for a little down time. Then it was over to my Grandma Merrion's for a short visit.

Hannah with her Teta Lou ...

Ahhh ... the green Hefty vests. Funny always to see. My Papa Hal (now deceased) used to be a buyer for Hughes grocery store chain. So he would get ALL sorts of product from various companies. I am guessing he must have gotten 100 of these vests in various sizes. Literally for YEARS and years and years, these vests have been given as gifts. Funny how my grandma does not seem to recollect this and continues to give them out to people who already received them (i.e. Joel).

After a rather bried gift exchange there, we went up the hill to my Grandma Carol's. Her tree was once again AMAZING! I try so hard to get my tree to sparkle like hers and fail each year. Hannah took the only pictures of it this year (see below). When we came home that night Joel looked at our tree and said, "I feel like we're so inadequate." :) Tell me about it. Another something for next year I suppose.

I love this picture of my girls helping my Grandma Carol distribute gifts to the family. I remember doing this as a little girl. My grandma has always lined up all the gifts for her kids and all the grandkids (and now great grandkids) in her hallway. Then at present time, she gets helpers and hands them out one at a time. My grandma was nice and let them open their gifts right then and there.

Look at this tree! It's amazing! What's more amazing is that she has a ton more ornaments that she ran out of time to add to the tree.

A close up of how loaded the tree is ...

We got home late. Put the girls to bed and passed out ourselves ... wWell fed, completely spoiled by many, and happy to have such wonderful family.

Merry Christmas!

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Susie said...

Tat certainly is SOME tree! Our tree this year was very sharp that we could barely touch the needles to put an ornament on. IT was a sad Christmas tree year for us. But, it's nice to visit other people's homes and enjoy their efforts!