Friday, January 1, 2010

PEACE: My Word for 2010

I tossed around many words. Relaxation. Patience. Plan. Organized. I couldn't decide. Then I realized the common factor behind any of the words I was contemplating was the desired feeling they would bring me were I to be successful. That feeling? Peace.

Yes I wish desperately for this wonderful world we live in to achieve world peace, but I think I want something I have a little more control over.

For me peace is going to come when I am not constantly rushing around trying to get something done minutes before it's needed. It means planning ahead for meals. Laying the girls clothes the night before. Buying gifts for friends well in advance; and also making their cards in advance. Making small lists and crossing off items as they are finished. Taking time out each day to focus on those that need prayer. Going to church. Working out regularly. Eating more healthy. Confronting difficult situations head on rather than trying to hide from them.

I am always reevuating myself. Trying to be a better person. I think I am a good person but am not sure that I like how I deal with things. If I can succeed at all I have listed above I think I will feel a peace within. One that will allow me time to enjoy life. I love life but am not sure I enjoy all I have.

So here's to PEACE in 2010!

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