Friday, February 4, 2011

Yesterday I just had to ...

... ignore the chaos of my house and just scrapbook. I often get creative urges in the mid-afternoon but normally don't act on them because of all the other things that need to be done (laundry, dinner, cleaning, tending to kids, etc.). But today, I gave in. One daughter was down for a nap, tonight's dinner plan involves leftovers, and the other daughter was more than willing to join me in my scrap room -- so the stars aligned you could say.

I set the time on my phone for 45 minutes and went about picking some photos and then some paper. Once again, my most recent Noel Mignon kit came in handy. No rifling through my stast for coordinating embellishments.

Here's what I created:

Hopefully the colors aren't too off. Sorry about that photo glare. Just another reason why I prefer to print my photos with a matte finish.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jillibean Soup

In my last post I mentioned a make n take I got to do at the Jillibean Soup booth at CHA. Here is is. On the back it has a pin so you can stick it to a bag or piece of clothing or something. I am showing it because the butterfly is a real picture of the corrugated shapes that I must have.

Another thing at the show that I forgot to mention is this tool:

It's called a drill punch and it's by Tim Holtz. We made a chain necklace as a make n take at his booth and used this tool to punch a hole in a charm. It was so easy. According to the gal leading the make n take, it can punch through any soft metal and they had done 2 pennies at one time. I am not sure why I want this, but I do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a Lucky Girl ...

... because I got to attend CHA on Saturday. The Craft and Hobby Association semiannual trade show. It's where all the craft companies debut their new products and sell them to all the various stores (from Michael's and JoAnns to your local scrapbook store). This is my 4th year attending. I think it's safe to say that the economy has taken it's toll on the scrapbooking manufacturers. That is not to say there wasn't some great product. Just a little less than has been in the past.

I found myself not quite as inclined to take many pictures this year. Perhaps that is because my design team responsibilities have likely come to an end. Sad, I know. So there wasn't a need to really scope out new product lines for me to use in the future. My trip yesterday was simply personal and completely selfish.

So unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures to share about what I loved. But trust me, if you Google CHA 2011 Winter releases, I bet at least a hundred different entries will show up. If you go here, they're doing little videos about the 3 days they're spending at the CHA show. And here is where you can find all the sneaks the companies were releasing prior to the show.

So some things I really liked that I didn't get pictures of were Silhouette and My Mind's Eye. Silhouette has AMAZING samples of all the various things you can do with their cutter machine and accessory products. Their booth totally makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of Premium Vinyl, Flocked Heat Transfer Iron on Material. And then one of their new products is sewable fabric interfacing. So I can now use my Silhouette to cut material. So cool!

Here's a link to My Mind's Eye releases. The overall name of the collection is Stella and Rose. Then they have collections with different names. Here's Mabel and Hazel. And here is Hattie and Gertie. Their stuff is always just so pretty. I am loving how their coordinating embellishments are getting more detailed.

Bella Blvd.'s lines were cute! I really like how all of their releases can coordinate with each other. Here's Family Dynamix -- a must have! Here is Mr. Boy. They also have a line called "Tail Waggers and Cat Naps" which is about pets, but I can't seem to find a link to it. You know it's cute though if it's from Bella. Here's a couple of my pictures from their booth.

This book below is a book designed by a very talented friend of mine, Julie Johnson. She runs Paisleys and Polka Dots, a kit club. I don't know how she does it but each month she comes out with a mini album release as well as a 2-page layout release. This mini book she designed for the Bella Blvd. booth is a perfect example of the detail and quality you'd get in one of her kits. I highly recommend her if you're looking for some kits or even want to be inspired with new things. Her prices are very reasonable. Gotta act fast though. She sells out quickly.

I can't wait to get my hands on Echo Park's "Little Girl" line!

Prima's booth just makes me drool. I didn't spend too much time looking at any of their new product, but I am certain it's stunning. Here are some pics of their samples. Their designers are quite talented as you can see. Here's a page of some of their releases this show. And I really want some of these:

Bo Bunny has some cute lines! I really was drawn to Gabrielle and it's soft hues. Can't wait to see that in the stores.

Pink Paislee has a cute line called "Hometown Summer". I especially liked these chipboard border stickers. I think they'll add a perfect amount of dimension to my layouts.

I want these by Jillibean Soup!!!! All of them! In a make n take they offered, I got to use one of the butterflies. I love it!

Ranger's booth was wonderfully decorated. Here's a couple of images. The best new thing I think I saw was the Distress Stain by Tim Holtz. Rather than having to use the pads to ink up something pretty heavily, he's offering a dabber bottle that can saturate an area pretty quickly. Great for coloring trims, or the center of a page, or a whole piece of something quickly.

Making Memories had a huge release going in a very different direction than scrapbooking. They have released award ribbons and wands. On a podcast I listen to (the paperclipping roundtable), one of the guests is associated with MM and teased about this new release. She said it would cross over several industries including gift wrap. I couldn't imagine what it would be, but it was certainly not this. In looking around their booth, I was definitely inspired. The ribbons are adorable. Perfect for parties, class events, rewarding you kid for something, gifts, etc.) I think it’s something I can make so the likelihood of me buying any of these products is slim, but there are super cute!

And that's pretty much what spoke to me. I know I missed a lot. So I will be excited to see what all the other scrappers out there pick up on that I didn't.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Charlie's Baby Album

Well only one year past the day of his birth, I finally got Charlie's baby album done. I can't tell you how many months it sat on my desk half finished. Now I only have two more albums to complete before babies reach their 1st birthday. One happens in a few weeks (I have all the paper, but nothing started) and the other happens at the end of April (barely started on this one). Then I will be caught up just in time for all the friends I have who planned to get knocked up again -- Charlie's mommy is one of them.

This one uses a Clear Scraps acrylic album as the foundation. I designed it so mommy can put a picture of Charlie every 3 months. There are some pull-out tags in there for her to make notes.