Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily 13

I woke up and began tackling the cleaning of the house. We are now 6 days away from the big annual 4 Meats of Christmas party. I love hosting this party, but I hate cleaning for it. I literally spent 2.5 hours today scouring only two of our guest bathrooms. And please don't think it was because they were ridden with scum and filth. Not at all. It's just that I am so so so anal when it comes to cleaning that I really am scouring ... slowly. I scrub every square ince of the toilet, tub, shower walls, sinks and countertops, mirrors, and floor. Unfortunately, my cleaning job is only realized by myself, but at least no one will be able to see missed spots when they're doing their business a week from now.

I also finally decorated the wreaths for the front door. For about two weeks now, the wreaths hung on the front doors and were nothing but fake greenery. Now here they are in their sprarkly beauty:

The tonight we went out to the Mission Inn in Riverside. For years now I have heard various people rave about this place at Christmas time. Finally we got out there. It's in downtown Riverside and was pretty nice. The whole area surrounding the inn was lit up. The inn itself is draped with thousands and thousands of lights and various Christmas characters. The girls loved it. I am not sure if we'll go back there every year. There did look to be several nice restaurants in the area so perhaps it would be nice to go to dinner when the girls get a little bit older.

Then tonight I came back and tried to work on our Christmas card. I am still not sure if I am happy enough with any of the pictures I took yesterday. Then I am not so sure if I want to buy them from Costco. They seem to screw up my colors in the printing process, but are the best deal out there. So I decided I would explore making my own in Photoshop. Uhhh ... probably not the right time of year to be doing this. I am sure that I could work my way through enough tutorials to figure it out, but with 12 days left until Christmas, I need to not worry about that. So I guess Costco it will be and I will hope for the best. Here's what I got in 1.5 hours at the computer. Not good enough for me, but I am spent trying to figure this out.

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