Friday, December 11, 2009

December Daily 11

I am posting early so this may be updated later.

It's a beautigully gray and rainy day. I love it! We need it so badly!

Tonight we have Joel's Christmas Party with some old coworkers. It's nice that they include us. Hopefully we'll all be able to go though it's questionable because Hannah woke up with a fever. It was 101.4 at least. I didn't have the patience for the thermometer to finish. It's tough to get a 4 year old to keep it under her toungue for that long. It's really a wonder I even caught it. I was putting lotion and some cream for excema on her body and noticed that she felt hot. Had I not been applying lotion, I bet I would have dashed off to work without noticing. It's moments like this when I know God is looking out for my kids. I would have felt so terrible!

So like I said, assuming all works itself out, we'll go to the Christmas dinner. And then my beloved scrapbook store is doing their Christmas potluck/crop tonight that I would like to try and hit up. We'll have to see. Did I mentioned SGT will be closing its doors in just a few short weeks? I am so sad. Darn this bad economy!!! I have made some very dear friends through this store and I don't quite know what I will do without the constant connection it required. There's still some plans in the works to keep us all crafting, but I fear it won't be quite the same. Oh well. When God closes a door, another one is sure to open somewhere right?

So here's to wishing my special baby girl loses that fever. (note: Hannah's fever did not break and we stayed home instead. I did end up going over to SGT for a short time. So great to see everyone together for the last time. Yet sad too.)

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