Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Daily 8

Got the two rooms in the house repainted. I can definitely say losing the dark accent wall in the office is a plus. Much lighter in there. I changed the color in our master bedroom and am not sure if I like a whole lot better than before. I love the new color a lot more, but I think the fact that we have a white chair rail in our room makes it look juvenile. Oh well. I will have to work around that cuz Joel aint payin' for me to take the down and repaint.

Hannah had school today.

Then we ran some errands ... not as many as I would have hoped (including shopping for the girls Christmas outfits).

Cleaned house.

But a prelit garland up on my mantel and am looking forward to embellishing it with all sorts of fun things. I see a Michael's trip in my future (yippee!).

My mom came over and we decorated Christmas cookies with the girls. It was fun. Hannah enjoyed it a lot. She actually did a good job too for a 4 year old. At one point she carefully selected a cookie for my mom and one for me. She then said, "I am giving you both these cookies because I love you so much. And all the rest are for Santa." Such a sweetie! I had to explain that these cookies would not last 17 more days and that we'll make more for Santa as the big day draws near. She was OK with that. I will have to tell Santa that she's a very good big sister because she even went out of her way to help Makaela decorate her own cookie. Hannah applied the frosting and then she took it over to Makaela and let her put the sprinkles on it. Melts my heart just thinking about it. Then Hannah let her eat the cookie. Makaela was happy needless to say.

Hannah is gonna be like me I think. She has a desire to express herself creatively. Constantly drawing pictures, coloring in her coloring books, writing "letters" (which currently contain scribble lines and lots of "Hannah"s). Her dedication to this cookie project was evidence of this. We'll be good partners in crime as she gets older. :) Not that I am in any rush for her to get older.

In my perfect world I really was hoping that my December Daily posts were going to be laden with Christmas stuff. Unfortunately they're not and real life must continue on.

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