Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Daily 6

I didn't leave the house once today. Love those kind of days. We woke up, did the morning routine (breakfast, cartoons, getting dressed), bundled the girls up in their coats and tackled the front yard in the hopes of beating the rain. Joel tackled adding more lights to the front of the house and I tackled the poorly maintained flower bed in the front. The house looks much better, but in both of our opinions ... it needs a lot more. I think deep down we both want our house to be one of those houses that you drive by and ooooh and ahhhh over. But then comes the debate of whether we actually want to store all of that stuff. Me? I say heck yeah! Joel? Not really. He constantly reminds me of how many Christmas boxes we already have.

After a while the girls got cranky from the cool air so I put them inside to watch this ...

and ...

Have you ever heard of Veggie Tales? If you have little ones and are looking for shows that enstill good morals and values and place an emphasis on God, then check them out. You can find out more about them here.

I also worked on decorating the interior a little bit more. I have all sorts of craft ideas in my head that I hope to have time to implement. I want to make a garland for the upstairs banister. I want to cut out some Christmas quotes in vinyl to stick on the walls. I want to frame some Christmas pictures. Knowing me, it's doubtful I will get it done.

It was a low key day. A nice day. We beat the rain and I am so excited that we will actually be getting some weather. This whole week we're due for 2 storms. I love the rain! I hope it stays on course. We need the water.

Oh and I almost forgot, we all shared the most delicious Christmas colored caramel apple from Sinfully Sweet & Apple Company out of La Verne. It was a granny smith, dipped in caramel, dipped in melted chocolate, and drizzled with more chocolate. Yummy! Hopefully the link works. It was down when I tried to get to it just now, but it was working earlier.

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