Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Daily 18

The day before the big party!!! Always a hectic one. Fortunately Joel had the day off so he did a lot of the laborious stuff.

I had to work which entailed my office Christmas luncheon. Always nice to relax with the coworkers. We're a small bunch and more like family than coworkers.

Then had a hair appointment. By the time my hair was done I would have been sitting in rush hour traffic. So I thoguht I would steal a few minutes to get some Christmas shopping for Joel done. Then I fought traffic home to meet Joel and the Boiler. It's a restaurant that cooks your food by steam. I wasn't all that impressed but the meal was good enough and who can complain about the company?

But then it was back to serious business. For me, that meant cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom. It took me a few hours but afterwards it was sparkling and I love that. Especially when every single guest of our party will be in the kitchen at some point.

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