Monday, December 28, 2009

December Daily 28

Ahhhh ... back home and Christmas is FINALLY over! No more celebrations. No more gift giving. Time to begin to clean up the evidence of Christmas. It was a great holiday. We are so blessed to have so many people to celebrate with. But it is nice to be home. The girls are asleep in their beds. Tomorrow I will put all their new toys away, hopefully pack up some of them to be introduced at a later date, and hopefully give some of the ones we don't play with anymore away.

Tomorrow it is back to the same old routine. One that I have missed and look forward to having back in my life. With a few modifications hopefully. I am trying to think of my New Year's resolutions. I think I may have a few of them. Some that will hopefully make me a better person and my family happier.

I heard of a tradition where some people pick a new word at the beginning of each year to focus on. You are supposed to embrace the word and carry it with you throughout the year. It can be anything. Something you want to add to you life. Something you want to subtract from your life. A word to spark creativity. Anything. I am thinking my word should be patience or acceptance. But I will think on this some more over the next couple of days.

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