Friday, June 27, 2008

Sisterly Love

Hannah is such a loving big sister to Makaela. It amazes me! I look forward to watching them grow up together. I was playing around with my camera settings today and snapped this photo. It's not as crisp as I would like but I love how the sunlight through the window gave just the right touch.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Already Smiling

I can't believe it! Makaela is smiling and she's only 1 month old. I have suspected this for about a week now but kept thinking that it might still be coincidental or gas bubbles. But today as I was taking her picture, I got her to smile in response to me. How happy am I that I got this cute picture?! I can't wait for her to giggle. I have already been treated to a preview of that lovely sound because she has giggled a couple of times while nursing. It's so stinking cute! I tell her the angels are talking to her when this happens.
It's things like this that keep me sane. This child is not the easiest one and it's even harder when trying to pay an adequate amount of attention to big sister Hannah. Who by the way is still the best ever. She loves this baby so much!!! It's going to be a blast watching them grow up together. I hope they'll be the best of friends.