Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for Day #25

... for so much on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day! For my body that allowed me to run a 5K this morning with my fastest pace to date (still slow, but getting better). For my daughter her persevered through her very first 1K ever even though she was so tired and felt like she was going to throw up (I think she had a side cramp). For my husband and other daughter who came to cheer us on and congratulate us when we were done. For the nice 4.5 hour lull between getting home from the race and needing to leave for our Thanksgiving feast that allowed us to nap, relax, freshen up, etc. For the wonderful food that filled our bellies and warmed our hearts, prepared by many of the guests. For my dad and stepmom who hosted Thanksgiving dinner despite the fact that my stepmom is still recovering from a very invasive abdominal surgery. For my awesome family that provides so much love! For two little girls who kept good attitudes throughout the whole day. For heaters both in the car and in the house. For a warm bed to fall into at the day's end. It was a fantastic day! Happy Thanksgiving!

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