Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful for Day #10

... Facebook. Yes, I said Facebook. The reason being because it has a miraculous way of lifting you up and making you feel as though you are not alone. Good times are celebrated together via Facebook. Comfort comes during the hard times from little comments that people took time to post. You can laugh together and maybe even cry together. Information os shared, questions answered. You can make yourself a little more vulnerable, all the while remaining safe behind your profile picture. Yesterday I put up a quick status update calling for prayers as my stepmom went into surgery (see Thankful for Day #9). Some of my dearest friends and some friends who I haven't seen in years were quick to comment that they were praying and would be waiting for an update. I felt loved and truly believe that part of the successful surgery is due to the love and thoughtfulness that poured out because of a Facebook post. In the early days of my Facebook existence, I was pretty wary. But I have grown to see it's benefits and have determined that they far outweigh any negatives.

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