Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 Catch Up Post

So I managed to go through the entire month of October without one blog post. TERRIBLE! No other word for it. I certainly was busy. I had goals of getting more than I actually did done, but oh well. Gotta leave something for next year right?

So the first thing was Hannah's 5th birthday party. It was Candy Land themed. We tried to go all out but stay within a reasonable budget.

Here's her cake which I made myself. The biggest expense was the cake pan. I tried to make it resemble a game board.

Here are how the tables were set up:

Here are some of the things we had around the yard:

Then the husband and I hosted Fancy Dinner #3. It's a new tradition we've started with 3 other couples. Every couple of months, a couple hosts fancy dinner at their house. They provide everything. It's so fun! Next year we've decided the men will be in charge of it all. Which means BBQ's and sporting events on the TV but as long as we wives can drink and not have to worry about meal planning, table setting, and cooking, we're GOOD!

FIRST COURSE: bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp ceviche in cucumber cups and grilled prosciutto wrapped shrimp for appetizers. SECOND COURSE: Gazpacho soup with avacado creme fresche THIRD COURSE: scallop, mango and avacado salad FOURTH COURSE: seared beef tenderloin with cilantro & shrimp served with mashed potatoes for the main FIFTH COURSE: cookie dough truffles and peach cake with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert.

Here's a mini album I did for my youngest daughter's first 3 Halloweens. She loved looking at her older sister's mini album that I just didn't have the heart not to make her one of her own.

Here's a Halloween banner I did for our mantel:

Did I mention we had the fireplace area redone? Here are before and after shots of our fireplace area. We had it all made to look like a built in as you can see in the pictures.

The girls in their costumes:

Our carved pumpkins:

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas:

Another version of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas:

Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas:

Here are some super cute milk jug ghosts I made for our front lawn (got the idea from here):

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