Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful for Day #16

... a forgiving husband. He called me this morning and asked me to do two things for him. In the midst of my morning chaos I quickly OK'd him and had every intention of doing his bidding. However, the thought or memory of me having agreed to such tasks quickly evaporated from my mind. For I filled the rest of the day with a "berry hunt" with the girls, then a spontaneous trip to Chik-fil-A to meet up with a friend, and then a walk down memory lane as I sorted through a box of Hannah's baby keepsakes at her request. It was not until I finally entered my kitchen and saw one of the things I was supposed to do sitting there on the counter, that I realized I had COMPLETELY forgotten to do what my husband had asked of me. Doh!!! Mind you this was also coincidentally 5 minutes before he was due home. When I told him of my carelessness and my plans to remedy it tomorrow, he was quite OK with my blunder. Phew!!! I need to take a page from his book because I am not so certain I would have been as forgiving had he been the one to not do two tasks I specifically asked of him.

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