Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful for Day #19

... for perspective. As I was driving home today from work today, I happened to look into the eyes of two gentlemen. Not at the same time. One man was crossing the street in front of me as I waited for a light to turn green. His hands were folded up under his arms tight to keep warm. He wore loose, denim jeans, a ragged denim jacket, worn shoes, and he had no hat. His eyes looked sad. Or lonely. And my mind began to wonder about what his life is like. Does he have a home to go to? Is he hungry? Will he be able to keep warm as the rain comes in?

The next man was a young, black man. I am not sure if he saw me, but I caught a quick glimpse at his eyes as I drove past him. He was sitting on the bench at a bus stop next to several other minorities. He was dressed as a young, twenty-something black man would dress I suppose. Not all ganster/thug, but not as though he were on his way to a job interview either -- jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, black, flat billed hat. He didn't look sad, or happy, or anything. Perhaps I passed him too quickly. But my mind jumped to what his life must be like. His skin happened to be especially dark and I wondered how hard has it been for him to grow up as a black man. Has he been harrassed by the cops moreso than he deserved? Denied certain liberties I take for granted? Does he have two parents at home who love him, support him, encourage him?

Answers to these queestions will never be known. But these two men forced me (or allowed me) to take a moment to focus on my life and just how good I have it. And how good my children's lives are. We are all loved so very much. Have more than enough to sustain our bodies. We will sleep well tonight and be warm and dry as the rain comes down. It makes me sad that not everyone has this. I am not sure what I can do to help solve the problem. But I am happy that it gives me perspective.

Perhaps these men will stay with me in the future and I won't get so down when we can't afford to eat out at a restaurant when I am too tired to cook. Or when I can't go buy a new pair of brown and black boots despite how desperately I think my wardrobe needs them. Maybe I will be more conscientous about making sure all leftovers are eaten and not thrown away. Hopefully I will remember to hug my girls a few extra times each day; to say a prayer that they remain healthy, safe, and happy more often than just at night as I am nodding off to sleep. Maybe I will remember to thank my husband for all he does for this family. Maybe I will begin to think about how I can be more of a part of the solution for all those out there that don't have the luxuries I have.

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Susie said...

I often think to myself, "everyone has a story, what's theirs?" I hear you on so many levels and pray that God will show me how to reach out to those that need extra love.