Friday, August 15, 2008

What a crazy couple of days it has been here at home. Joel took the week off of work to do some renovation projects in an effort to make our house more marketable in this not-so-great-for–selling-your-house economy. We flew his buddy out from Texas who is pretty experienced with this kind of stuff. The poor guys worked so hard. At the end of each night (which was no earlier than 11PM), you could just tell they were ready to drop. The results are pretty awesome. They redid the master bath. Here’s a before and here’s the after. As you can tell, we still need a shower door, but I am so thrilled with how it came out. Now you are probably wondering what the heck they did ib there. It almost looks the exact same. Well unfortunately, there's no way to really change the layout of our small bathroom so it's hard to get a good picture. But, they demo'd the old shower tile and redid it. Painted the inside and out of the existing cabinets, painted walls and ceilings, and installed new fixtures. Then they also added moulding trim to our hallway cabinets which has truly made a great difference. Sorry no pictures.

A funny sidebar to this “event” is that this Buddy of ours loves In-n-Out. As I mentioned, he’s from Texas and they don’t have them out there. I am not joking, he’s been here since Tuesday and they have gone to In-n-out for EVERY meal. That's at least 8 times! I guess we take it for granted here. I forget how good they are.


Jennifer Priest said...

LOL about In N Out--yeah, they don't have anything close in Texas! LOL

The shower looks so much better--wow I want a shower like that!!! Good luck with the sale.

Cindy said...

Too funny about the In-n-out. My brother is here from VA for a week and I can guarantee you he'll be eating there nearly every day. Congrats on getting the shower stall done!