Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're really doing it man!

Wow! So I guess we are selling our house. It's so weird to even think about. We met with a great realtor tonight, referred to us by some friends, and by the end of the meeting, we were signing a bunch of paperwork to officially put it on the market. Hopefully it sells sooner than later. It's no secret the market sucks right now. But that also means our future dream home may be more within our reach.

Now comes the challenge of keeping this house "show ready". Sob sob sob! How am I going to do that with two kids? I will get 2 hours notice before someone comes to see the property. In that two hours, I will have to get the house vaccumed (my dog sheds like crazy), pack up the two girls, and the dog and take off for who knows how long. It'll be worth it in the long run, but my sanity is definitely at stake here.

On a more fun note, the Olympics begin tomorrow and I am so excited. Go USA! I so wish I had Tevo (sp?) or DVR. Can you believe I don't?! What's wrong with us?


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow--Sounds exciting!!

Cindy said...

I feel for you! Libby was a baby and Jake pre-school age when we sold our house (of course we didn't have a dog to contend with). You can do it! Just think of the dream house and the big luxurious scrap room that may be in your future!