Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seems too soon!

Aaaaaaghhhh ... I am struggling. I have to create two Christmas projects for upcoming events at SGT and have stumbled upon a major case of scrappers block. It's awful. I think it has something to do with the fact that it's only August. Sadly I know Christmas will be here before I know it, but I am still enjoying being in the sun and pool. Not ready for the rich reds and greens, and snowmen (embellishments, not real snowmen -- I live in Southern CA), etc that goes with the holiday. Well hopefully I can get over this hurdle soon.

By the way, if anyone should be wondering where I have been for the past week, my normal late night blogging has been superseded by the need to make window curtains for our master bedroom in an attempt to spruce the room up since it's on the market. One of the definite bummers about being creative is that I cannot buy anything that I think I can make for cheaper. All of my non-scrapping friends will buy curtains if they need curtains. So what if it will cost them almost $400. Me, I see a $400 price and FREAK out. No way!!! I can make that for so much cheaper. So down to downtown LA I went on a quest for affordable fabric, lining, and sheers. With two kids by the way. A big thanks to little sister who came with me! Found all of that for $87 so I am thrilled. Rio Fabric on Maple Street was awesome! But now I have been hunched over a sewing machine for the past 5 nights trying to follow some pretty vague instructions in a create-your-own-window-treatments book I bought some time back. I have 4 of 6 panels done, but there's a huge learning curve that goes with the project. Unfortunately, all 4 don't match. The goal is to get three pairs of 2 panels that do match so at least the curtain panels on a window will look like they belong together. Catastrophies so far: left the iron on too long as I was "pressing a seam" and melted the fabric (thank goodness on the backside), cut some fabric too short (so mad!), and have a million pin holes in my fingertips.

So I guess I have saved a bunch of money. But then if you add back in my hourly rate (even at minimum wage) I am probably going to be close to that $400 mark. Waaaaahhhh ... and I still have the 6 sheer panels to make! It never ends! I think it will be a while before you see me again.


simply susan said...

Any bites yet? The house down the hill from us sold in thirty days by "Mark and Al." I think they could sell ice to an Eskimo. But nice to see that property is moving. Did you say where you are moving too? Another trick is to bury St. Joseph upside down in your backyard. That is supposed to help sell your home. People swear by it. (Crazy). -Susan B.

Jennifer Priest said...

Oh my goodness Krista!! I used to be able to sew but now I know I just can't do it as well as I used to. The last thing I did was sew patches on Katie's GS uniform--more power to you for making nice curtains!!

I heard about St Joseph too but I think you gotta be Catholic for that to work ;) hehe...

How about search some galleries for some Christmasy stuff to get you in the mood. Or head to Michaels--they had like 3 aisles of Xmas up last time I was in!!