Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going ... going ... SOLD!!!

Well it appears that we are in escrow folks! I am not sure if I am excited or scared. Probably both. Anyways it got me to thinking I needed to get the girls out in front of the house for some pictures. Besides PJ told me I had to post some recent pics of them. So here are my beauties. You'd hardly know Hannah wasn't being cooperative at all when you look at them. I know you can't actually see the house, but they are in front of it. :)


pj said...

thanks for posting some new picks of the kiddos. little makaela is getting bigger and i absolutely love the last pic of hannah. she's a crack up!!!

pj said...
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Mary said...

Congrats Krista! That was a pretty quick sale! Hannah looks just like you as a kid. :)