Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Entrepreneurial Endeavor

This past weekend we had our first ever yard sale. I am not a fan. I feel like people are judging me and my things. And I know I should not even be bothered because essentially we're getting rid of stuff we don't want anymore so who cares? But I do. I also hate the price negotiation. And watching things that were sentimental to me go for pennies.

But in preparing I asked the girls if they wanted to host a lemonade stand. Hannah of course jumped at the chance and Makaela was willing to follow along. Unfortunately Hannah was pretty sick that day so she came out for just a few minutes when Tylenol was working its wonders. Makaela had to work it by herself and, with Daddy's help, did rather well. Poor girl is plagued with shyness.

We should have had these girls out there a lot sooner. Almost everyone that came by bought a glass. I thought we should have sold them for $0.25 a glass to make change easier but Joel said $0.10. They sold out of their lemonade and made about $5.00. They decided they want to go to Yogurtland with the money. Now if we can just get them feeling better so we can go.

I am so proud of them.

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