Friday, July 15, 2011


Love this picture I happened to snap of the girls as I was watching Wednesday's USA vs France soccer game! They didn't watch the whole thing with me but when they heard me spazzing out after Abby Wambach scored to make the game 2-1 USA, they came running. Both of them plopped themselves on our coffee table and began clapping and chanting, "USA! USA!" Could this be little women's soccer fans in the making? I sure hope so.

That night Hannah came down dressed in her soccer uniform from last season. Socks and all. She wanted to wear it to bed. Sounds good to me little lady. I should have snapped a picture of that.

We have signed her up for one more season of AYSO soccer. Last year, she did great the first game - even scored the first goal. But from each game on, she didn't run a whole lot, complained a lot, and didn't seem too interested in the game. She did however love getting a trophy which is why I think she was open to playing one more season. I am hoping that watching this USA team play will help instill some of the understanding and passion for the game. If not, we'll find her thing. I am not too worried.

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