Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pat Pat - Updated

That's me reaching around to pat myself on the back. It's not too often that I get REALLY excited about a project I create, but these little guys have me feeling pretty good. I have updated this post to list the colors of alcohol inks I used on each egg. These colors are to the best of my memory as I did not take notes as I created. The key to this look is the Blending Solution. This is what allows all the colors to mix together to make such pretty patterns. My method was to take a felt pad, add a couple drops of alcohol ink, add a drop of blending solution and dab all over the egg. Then I would get a new pad and do the same with a different color. I never mixed my colors on one felt pad. You really just have to work with it. The Blending Solution can lighten colors as well as remove them.

Here are some detailed pictures of each egg. I colored them with my Ranger Adirondak Alcohol Inks. Just place some drops of various color inks on a felt pad, add some Blending Solution, and "sponge" away on the egg until you reach the look you're going for. It's fairly simple. Clean it is not though. My fingers were stained some pretty funky shades for a day.

Then you just embellish to you heart's content. Here I glued some trim around the egg and topped with some flowers and a crystal. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Lettuce, Meadow, Raisin, Butterscotch, and Stream)

A closer look at those flowers.

This one just got some sheer ribbon and a strand of sequins. Can you see the gold in that egg. I used some Gold Mixative (also from Ranger). (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Gold Mixatives, Stream, Lettuce, and Meadow)

Believe it or not, this egg was my least favorite til the end. I glued some Prima flowers around the middle and topped each flower with a teeny little butterfly. The butterflies have a dot of Stickles on them. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Wild Plum, Stream, Stone Washed, and Butterscotch)

For some reason, this egg makes me smile. I feel like it's dressed in a skirt and bonnet. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Butterscotch only)
Top view of the flower. I used placed a large blob of Perfect Pearls into the center of the flower and set a crystal on top. Waited a bit for it to dry and viola!

Some ribbon, ric-rac, and a crystal flower to dress this guy up. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Wild Plum, Red Pepper, Butterscotch, and Cranberry - I think)

I think this one is my favorite and the picture doesn't do it complete justice. He is dressed up with some Making Memories ribbon and topped with a QK die cut flower from patterned paper which is then topped with a Prima flower and crystal. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Raisin, Lettuce, and Butterscotch).

Top view.

Still not totally sure about this guy. I created a swirl out of crystals and dots of Stickles. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Wild Plum, Stone Washed, Bottle, and Butterscotch).

For this one, I just tied a piece of ribbon into a knot and glued to the top. Then I sporadically placed crystals all over the body. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Lettuce, Stream, and Raisin).

I had the hardest time standing this one up its photograph. The charm and button make it a little side heavy and it kept taking a dive on me. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Wild Plum, Butterscotch, Stream, and Lettuce).

I like this one a lot too. There's 4 mini butterflies randomly placed on the upper half of the egg. Then two Making Memories flowers are layered with a larger butterfly resting on top. I used Perfect Pearls to add a little something to the bodies of all butterflies. (Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink colors used: Butterscotch and Red Pepper).

I actually busted out my glue gun for this project and used it for almost everything. It dries so quickly and doesn't harm the egg.
I hope you enjoy these and perhaps get inspired to try the alcohol inks. They are really neat and the possibilities are endless.


Jennifer Priest said...

WOW--how cool is this?!

Michelle R. said...

Wow you have put my eggs to shame.
I love them!!!

Susie said...

Krista! I"m so inspired- what awesome eggs these are.

Mary said...

How on earth did you have enough time to do all of those eggs?!? Great job!

LollyChops said...

I am completely floored by these beauties! I honestly think these are the prettiest eggs I have ever laid eyeballs on!

Can you pretty pretty pretty please tell me which colors you used????? Pretty please?


Eggtacular HUGS!

Cassie said...

these are just gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing them!