Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's still Easter in these parts!

Well I know Easter is far behind us now, but I am just getting around to posting some pictures. So bear with me. These are the girls' baskets. Wouldn't you know I spend all that time trying to make Hannah's purple (her favorite color) and she runs for the pink one. Guess I was unsuccessful in my purple endeavor.

Here's Hannah's tag. On the back is a note from the Easter Bunny - telling her to be good for her mommy and daddy.

And Makaela's tag. Again with the note on the back.

And the family picture. No, we're not all angry people. It was just very bright and I was being too stubborn about my photo location. One of these years I will get these family pictures right.

So I hope to soon be posting some pictures of projects I am working on for Scrappin Good Times. Speaking of which, they just put out a ton of new product. There's lots of good stuff to be had.

There's also a little matter of my baby's first birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. That will keep me busy. Gotta get crafty on some party favors. I was a bad mommy and sent out an eVite instead of making invitations. I just ran out of time. So I will have to mock one up for her scrapbook.

OK I am off and running again.

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