Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I'm wishing you and your a very Happy Easter!!!

I am still in Easter Bunny mode as I try to assemble two Easter baskets. The curse of a scrapbooker (or probably any crafter for that matter) is that you can't just shove a little grass in, top it with some goodies and be done. Oh no! I am trying to persuade my Silhouette to cut several different flowers in various sizes so that I can adhere them to the side of Hannah's basket. Her favorite color is purple and Michael's didn't have any purple baskets. So she got a normal basket and Mommy (aka Easter Bunny) is on a mission to make the darn thing purple.

Then once that's all done, tags need to be made for the baskets. Again, no small task. Gotta have layers and inking, and bling and flowers and more. I think it'll be a real late one tonight. I am now very happy we went to Church this evening.

I hope it's a wonderful day for all of you tomorrow. I am going to try my hardest to just enjoy the girls enjoying themselves. So what if there hair is all messed up in my pictures. Or if they're still in their PJ's during the hunt. Whatever right?

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