Thursday, April 9, 2009


So I am finally digging out the Easter decorations and much to my dismay, we don't have that many. A few little hanging plaque like things that say "WELCOME" or "Spring" but certainly not enough to make you think it's actually Easter if you walked into my house. I think I have a date with my Silhouette tonight. Nothing like decorating the house 4 days before the holiday. Guess that means it will be Easter in my home until at least May. :)

In keeping with Easter preparations, Hannah and I just finished some egg coloring. She was SO much better this year than last year. Definitely more careful which is a wonderful thing. So far, no broken eggs and no spilled cups of color. My hairstylist friend told me last night that she can't say dye, even though that's the proper term to use with Easter eggs. It's because "you don't dye someone's hair, you color it." I think she passed her complex onto me, because notice Hannah and I "colored" eggs.

So here's a picture of my little girl who is growing up WAY too fast and her masterpieces. More egg coloring to be done tonight when Daddy gets home.

And check back either tonight or tomorrow for an Easter project I am so excited to share with you. I am pretty happy with myself and that doesn't happen too often. Just need to find some spare minutes to add some finishing touches and then snap a few pictures.

Also, I found out what was wrong with my blog or should I say computer. Somehow I had managed to expand the font size on my web browser so anything I was looking at was much bigger than I am used to. This explains why no one else saw the problem. All is well again.

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Jennifer Priest said...

How cute She is!! WOW she has grown!!!! I cannot wait to see what you create. And who is thinking about Easter--I've still got St. Patty's day stuff up! LOL