Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrap Weekend Projects #1

I was going to share all of my layouts in one post but if any of you are like me, sometimes it's hard to take in a lot of projects at one time. So I'll share 4 projects with you today.

First off, I really wish I could remember in which order I created these layouts. then I would share them that way. When I first arrived at the house, or Scrapbook Inn, I felt really blocked. Nothing was coming to me. I was not as prepared as I had hoped to be. I brought my Noel Mignon kits (2 of them), my Studio Calico kit (just the 1), 3 paper packs from Echo Park, and a bag of stuff I bought back in September from Archivers in Colorado (that I had not dug into once). Side note: HOLY COW! Archivers rocks! I am so sad that they do not have one here in CA. I will apologize now ... I do not know most of the manufacturers of the products I used. It was not about documenting what I used this weekend people. It was about getting stuff done. And that I did.

So here we go! I LOVE YOU TOO is about this picture of my husband framing some graffiti in the way background. We had stopped off to stretch our legs after many hours in the car on the way to Arches National Park. It's probably hard to tell, but the graffiti he's framing with his hands says "Wife I Love You!" I seriously hate taggers but how sweet a message. :) I do know that laser cut paper is by Basic Grey. They call it Doily Paper I think. I cut some of it away as you can see and though the picture doesn't show it, the whole piece is raised with pop dots.

This might be my favorite layout of the whole weekend. This photo booth strip has been hanging out in my purse since the night we bought it. Each time I came across it, I thought, "I NEED to get this scrapbooked before it gets ruined." I like how the colors all work together and the black and white photos contrast nicely. I also like how I had a ready made title with paper. I really love how in the series of photos it goes cute, silly, cute, silly. And that we all 4 did it together.

I snapped these lovely photos of my oldest back in November. The title is simply "BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out". Very true of this wonderful girl. That scalloped floral background piece is just one precut piece of paper. They've been around for years now and I think I will always love them! All of the detail adds so much to the page without all the work.

This may have been the first layout I finished. It's very simple. If you look closely, all of my layouts are simple, but this one is especially simple. 5 embellishments and some letter stickers. Done!

And that's it for today.


pj said...

cute layouts!! i need to go on one of those scrap weekends and get some work done! thanks for sharing :)

Susie said...

We pulled out the scrapbooks from years past and I seriously have guilt for having stopped scrapping some of our life (most of our life) over the past few years. Boo.

I've been to an Archivers in OH- and I totally had the wow effect- WHY don't they have them in So. CA??

Susie said...

(That first comment was in awe actually of how you are keeping up the books, I'm envious, Krista. Good job!)