Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Goal for Today - updated

To turn this into something pretty.

I am thinking chunky glitter, some pale pastel papers, a pretty button or two, perhaps some twine.

Hopefully I'll be back later to post the final product. I have lots of other things to do today before I can tackle this.

Two days later ...

Ha ha! Silly me to think I would be able to tackle this little box in one day! The night of my original post I did actually pick my paper and cut it and ink the edges. Note: the amount of paper I used was one 1 1/2" strip by about 8". So yay me that I did all that work. {sarcasm}

Yesterday, I snuck in and quickly and glued some glitter on the top.

Today, I could no longer take it anymore and had to go into my scraproom and finish this project!


Aaaahhhhh. I feel rejuvenated! It's amazing how therapeutic crafting and creating can be. And how easily I can forget that. Now ... who to give this little lovely to?

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