Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still having fun with this kit!

I completed with that Noel Mignon kit I mentioned in my last post.

I love these pictures. They were emailed to me while I was away for the day. Hannah was really into dressing up in my clothes and apparently got her sister and daddy to do the same thing. You'll notice I still need to go write in the date. The title might be a little difficult to see but it says "Recipe for a fun day with dad".

Because I didn't have plethora of cardstock and knew I wanted these pictures to go on a 2-page layout, I got a little creative with my paper from the kit. I took a piece of pink cardstock that I had already cut into for previous layouts and got a 12x8 1/2" piece. Then I cut that in half creating two 12x4 1/4" pieces. Then I took different patterned pieces and cut 12x8" rectangles out of them. Then I simply glued the patterned piece onto one of the 12x4 1/4" pieces of cardstock (that extra 1/4" is for your glue line. I marked 1/4" lines on the backside of the patterned paper so I would glue it up perfectly to create one 12x12 piece. I hope that makes sense as I don't have any pictures.

I wanted to include detail shots of the title and the rolled circles on the right page but this point and shoot camera just won't focus properly so I won't bother for now. Perhaps later I will make a little tutorial on how I did them. They're super easy!

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