Sunday, August 8, 2010

I finally figured it out!

How to survive the trips to visit in the inlaws in Tehachapi, CA that is AND (most importantly) how to scrapbook in the car!!!!! It's a 2.5 hour drive for us at the minimum and once there, it's quiet and sloooowwww. Too slow for my apparent never-take-a-second-to relax self at least.

So this past Friday we piled in the car and began our trek up to visit the hubby's parents and some family that was in town from the East Coast. As I mentioned in my last post, I just had a ton of pictures printed and have been aching for time to dig into a scrapbook kit I got last month (from Noel Mignon). I have literally been trying to carve out time to work with it but have found excuse after excuse not to. So I decided this weekend was going to be THE ONE.

I packed a small bag (see below for a more detailed list of items I took with me) with my pictures, the scrapbook kit, and a few tools. I climbed into the front seat and we weren't on the road more than 5 minutes before I began to pull the stuff out. It was so awesome! I created one layout on the way there and one on the way home. And I made two up there while laying in bed before we hit the sack! That totals FOUR layouts people! That's more layouts than I have created in several months. The only other time I have been as productive was at last April's scrapbook weekend.

One of the nice surprises that I hadn't really thought about was that I was still able to participate in coversation with the husband and the girls. So often when I scrap at home and they're awake, I feel guilt over the fact that maybe I should be spending time with them. This way, I was still with them and taking advantage of the opportunity to get something done.

Some of you may be reading this and saying, "Oh heck no! I get carsick!" I too am one that can't read in the car without a wave of nausea overwhelming me. And I would be lying if I didn't say there were a couple of times where I had to pause and look straight ahead and take some deep breaths. But I think it was all very manageable. Namely because when scrapping, you have plenty of opportunities to lift your head up and take in the surroundings. It's much different than reading. I do suppose that someone who suffers from really bad motion sicknes might not be able to car scrap. But don't let that stop you from packing a bag so you can scrap when you reach your destination.

Here are my layouts (and please excuse the PATHETIC photos - my DSLR broke and I am in the process of determining which new one I want to get; in the meantime I am stuck with a point and shoot and let's just say BLECK - yes, I am an SLR snob - sorry):

Layout #1 made on the ride up.

Layout #2 made in bed.

Layout #3 made in bed.

Layout #4 made on the ride home.

List of things I packed:
1. pictures
2. scrapbook kit by Noel Mignon
3. paper trimmer
4. box of inks (I have some plastic box with dividers that perfectly stores many Colorbox Cat's Eye inks)
5. lap desk (essential for car scrapping) - got mine from Barnes & Noble
6. scizzors
7. black and brown pen
8. corner rounder
9. ruler never used this
10. glue (Scotch Tack Dry Adhesive)
11. one stamp (a journaling block stamp) never used this
12. acrylic block for stamp never used this
13. one color of stamping ink never used this
14. one pair of decorative scizzors never used this
Things I learned I should have also packed:
pop dots - because when you're working with only a kit, they'll help to give some added dimension when needed
tape runner - I survived the liquid adhesive but let's just say that in a moving car, it could have gotten bad; a tape runner will allow for more precise gluing
glue dots - this is a much better and quicker way to adhere something rather than the liquid adhesive
pencil - this can help make marks on where you want to glue something down or to draft your journaling (since you should not attempt to permanently journal while in a moving car)
extra cardstock - most kits only provide a few pieces of cardstock; for those that like to use CS as a background to their page, you'll need more; and if you're a two-page layout scrapper, then you'll need two pieces of each color
Over the past year I have learned a lot about myself as a scrapbooker. The #1 thing I have learned is when I have too many options, I don't get anything done. So this method of travel scrapping worked SO SO SO well for me. All I had were the contents of the kit. No fears of that perfect product being missed because I can't see it. A dream come true for me.
I can't wait to employ this new method on our upcoming vacation to Utah and Colorado. It's great to have that creative outlet, get some layouts accomplished, and still get to be part of everything going on.
By the way, this kit I got still has SO many pieces left to it. I think I could easily create another 6- 10 layouts with it. Highly recommend following Noel Mignon's blog and some of her designers. They do amazing things and the kits are very much worth every penny.

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