Thursday, August 19, 2010

A long time in the making

I saw this iook page wreath idea here about 6 months ago at least and KNEW I wanted one in my house. Had to have one in my house! Last weekend while my husband was out of town, the time came. Me, an old book, and my glue gun had party in front of the TV. This is the result!

The picture quality is not so great but you get the idea (check out the link for the inspiration piece). The only things I did differently from the tutorial were:

(1) inked the edges of the book with Distress Ink by Ranger rather than painting them
(2) Secured a longer ribbon to the back so you can see it when it's hanging

This project was SOOOOO easy. And so cheap. My styrofoam ring was about $2 with a coupon from Michaels. The book was free as it was handed down to me. I already had the ink, the ribbon, and the glue sticks (I went through a lot of those).

And oh my gosh ... I just saw this one online as well. Also inspired by the same tutorial. Here is this gal's blog. I have to make one of these too!

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