Friday, October 23, 2009

A good quick read ...

So in my blog hopping today, Donna Downey's 10/23/09 post led me to here. This gal is trying to help a friend of a friend win a competition. Apparently it's a competition put on by SAM-e for a "Good Mood Gig". Having nothing better to do (so not true), I wove my way through the links and came to Kayla Aimee's "vote for me" page. She's a funny girl. I enjoyed reading her entry. And before voting for her, I went to the leader in the voting to read her post just to be fair. Let's just say I was not as entertained. Miss Kayla has a long way to go if she wants to win the competition, but if nothing else, many people got a smile because of her sense of humor.

If you have the time, perhaps you'll enjoy it too.

Have a nice weekend.

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