Sunday, August 30, 2009

Make your own letter stickers!

I posted this tip over at SGT as well, but I thought I would share here too. I haven't seen this anywhere else but I am positive I am not the first person to come up with this idea.

That being said ... I keep seeing all those teeny tiny letters floating around on people's layouts. They look so cute. Perfect for short little journaling places. They can say a location, a name, a date, etc. With two children, it's hard to get out and shop for supplies. And I am too impatient to order them off the interent and wait for them to arrive. Plus this economy has me focussing my money on smarter purchases. This all leads me to my creation. Do it yourself letter "stickers". In 5 minutes I had whipped up a set in black and brown.

How did I do it? I opened up Word. Set my font to Times New Roman at size 20. Then I typed rows of letters. A row of a's, a row of b's ... you get the idea.

Then using my handy dandy paper trimmer, I cut the rows of letters into strips. Now I have rows of letters in two colors. When I want a letter "sticker" I find the correct strip, cut off a letter and glue it to my project.

I am really excited about this idea. The possibilities appear to be endless. You can print out letters in any size of font or color. You can change the paper color. Vanilla would be a good paper color. You can ink them too!

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Suzy said...

I've just got back into card making,and this is an absolutely wonderful (money savin') idea!
you're so clever!