Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warning: Bipolar Post Ahead

Note: I originally began this post on 7/29/09. So the updates are from today, but everything else was from that date.

So do you want the good news first of the bad news?

I'll start with the good news. Or the good (happy) project I should say.

This first project is something that has been keeping me busy during the evening hours for the past week or two. The sad thing about this mini album is that I have had it in the works for over a year now! A friend of mine had twin boys back in August of 2008. I knew I wanted to make her an album and told her so, but with my having had Makaela in May, I informed her it would not be reaching her on time. Never did I imagine it would be their 1st birthday that they would be getting it. So rather than my typical baby albums, I have made this more of a little boy album to showcase all they are at age 1. I am putting it in the mail today. I hope she likes it. I think she'll be surprised when it arrives. (update: she got it and said she literally almost cried upon seeing it ... music to my ears)

I'll post more pictures in the coming days. I need to crop them so you can't see all the distracting elements of my kitchen.

Now for the bad news or project. Here it is:

Doesn't look bad right? Well, it's purpose is due to a very negative and sad circumstance. My stepmom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. It metastasized inside her on one of her ovaries. Basically this is not good. Just Google Melanoma and Ovary and you'll be crying a river, deep seeded in pessimism. Therefore, I have sworn off Google searches related to this cancer and am opting to be positive. There are bits of good news though. It's not in her brain, lungs, or bones. There are a couple of spots in her abdomen that they are assuming are infected lymph nodes. The course of treatment for this type of cancer is extreme and you supposedly only have one shot at the two treatments. So they are going to scan her again in mid-August to determine its aggressiveness. From there, they will determine their next action. So I was immediately inspired to make her something that she could see that would remind her how much me and my siblings all love her and are praying for her. (update: she had her oncologist appt today to read last week's scan and it has not spread but is growing = intense chemo beginning this Friday. She'll be in the hospital for 5 straight days receiving chemo, then home for 2 weeks. Then back to the hospital for 5 days of chemo and then home for 2 weeks. Then they do another CT scan to see if it's responded and to determine the next course of action.)

If you would all be so kind, I would appreciate it if you could add Nancy, my stepmom to your prayers. She's going to need them. She's only 46 and has only been a part of my family for the past 4 years. But she is a wonderful lady. So kind. So undeserving of this kind of illness. Not that I think that certain people are deserving of cancer, but I cannot yet see God's plan in this.

I feel a huge desire to say "F you Cancer!!!!!!!" It has touched my life in too many ways recently. My grandfather succumbed to pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago. Around the same time, my cousin was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor caused by a cancer typically found in young children the day before his second child was to be born (he made a MIRACULOUS recovery - Praise God!!!). One of my friend's cousins was taken down rapidly by cervical cancer, leaving behind three young children. I notice as I get older how different my outlook on this terrible disease has changed. When I was a lot younger and thought I was invincible and that I knew everything, I used to say, "We're all going to die of cancer someday anyways!" Ugh! To think how flippant I was about the whole thing. Very shameful. I guess that's one good thing about getting older. You grow in maturity, awareness, respect for life.

So I will continue to pray. For all of those who suffer from cancer and other often times incurable diseases. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Like I said earlier, any prayers for her recovery would be welcomed with open arms.

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Kristi said...

Oh my goodness! Your mother-in-law is in my heart...

I had melanoma last year - it was only stage "0" (or in situ) meaning it hadn't spread anywhere, so all I needed was surgery. But I had put off going for a screening and just made the appt. yesterday. I hate doctor's appointments, but I know it's important.

Please keep us posted on how she's doing!