Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Great Weekend!

Just returned from a really nice weekend of camping in Carpinteria. The girls had a great time. Hannah was having such a fun time playing in the small waves. One snuck up on her though and rolled her pretty good. Here's the before and after.
How is she not affected by the frigid temperature?!
She was a little more wary of the water afterwards.

Cool tip I learned from a friend prior to this trip: baby powder sprinkled over sandy limbs will make the sand dust right off. It works! I am so glad I knew of this. And it leaves there skin soft, smooth, and smelling very fresh.

Hope you all had a nice weekend as well. Now I am off to cleaning the house (something I didn't get to prior to leaving) and finishing prepping for next Saturday's scrapbooking class; along with various other assignments. Let's hope midnight doesn't come too quickly.

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Cindy F said...

I *love* camping at Carpinteria. You make me want to go there soon. Glad you guys had such a nice time (and thanks for the talcum tip!)