Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If you're in a super happy mood then please don't read ... because I am not. I have the blues. This past week has not been a good one for dogs and I have shed more tears than I have in a long long time. It began last Thursday when I got a text in the middle of the night from my sister saying that her little Puggle, Daisy, had been hit by a car and died on the way to the vet. This destroyed me! And I hadn't even met the sweet little dog. Needless to say, my sister was a wreck. This little dog had become a best bud to my mom's dog Marty who is sadly starved for attention. Finally he had a playmate and then she was yanked away from him. My sister said he KNEW something had happened and his tail didn't wag once for the whole next day. Then on my friend's blog yesterday, I read about her puppy getting sick and needing to be put down. It was the cutest little thing ever. Again though, a dog I had never met. And tonight while I was on a shopping spree at Michael's to buy some last minute items for a class I am teaching in November, I get a call from my husband telling me that a neighbor's dog was just struck by a car and killed in front of our house and we have the other dog belonging to the same neighbor in our backyard. Fortunately my husband was able to grab that one before it too ran into the busy street. My husband said when the neighbor came to pick up his dog, he was pretty broken up. I tried to stay away as long as could so as to avoid the sight of them picking up their deceased dog. Wouldn't you know it, as I was turning onto our street, they were doing just that. More tears! I can't take it anymore!!!! I am so so so sad! Dogs are the sweetest most innocent creatures in the world -- at least from where I see it. And for those 3 dogs' lives to be ended in such a way is just heartbreaking to me. I know they are in a better place and am trying my best to imagine them in Doggy Heaven on fluffy clouds, running, jumping, and eating the biggest bones you ever saw. I so hope this string is over. I don't think I have any tears left. And Lord please keep all the dogs I do know safe and healthy.

Sorry to bum you all out. Just had to write it. Call it my therapy.

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Jennifer Priest said...

So Sorry to hear all of this Krista. It is hard to deal with, I know for sure, but I too try to focu on the positive images of the dogies in heaven rather than their last minutes here on earth. Hope it is all over now., you know how they say things happe on 3's and such...