Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun at the Fair

I was able to drag Joel away from the house for a while so we could all go and visit the LA County Fair last night. I know it was the last thing he wanted to do after replacing roof caps on our home (a requirement in order to sell the house). But he was a good sport and all in all, I think he was glad for the family time. Both Hannah and Makaela were really good. It was so fun to see Hannah get so excited about riding the rides. After each one, she would spot the next ride she wanted to go on and squeal, "Ooooh I want to go on THAT one!" We asked if she wanted to go on the small Ferris Wheel, but she said no to that. Poor thing inherited my fear of heights.

She even played that little game where you throw ping pong balls into floating cups and won a prize. Clearly the prizes leave something to be desired. C'mon! A snake or an apple?! Fortunately, she picked the apple. I hate snakes too. Regardless, it will be our Goodwill pile tomorrow. :)
I will say this. The fair aint cheap! $17 each to get in (kids were free). $0.50 a ride ticket, but even the smallest rides were 6 tickets. And Joel or I went on most of them with Hannah so it was double. Frankly, the prices were ridiculous. We took it in stride though because it is rare we get out and do things this big as a family. Haven't attempted Disneyland yet -- at least you don't have to buy tickets in addition to your admission there!

Last night for sure showed us that Hannah is really growing up. She walked the entire way. And was more than willing to walk without holding our hands. I tell you that girl would walk a mile before she looked back to see if we had followed. She went on a couple of rides alone. The thing that made this most evident to me though was when we were in the Winter Wonderland building where they have some snow. In here was a little hill where you could grab a sled from the bottom and then climb up and slide down the hill. Joel helped her get the sled the first time. They climbed up. I think he was ready to sit down and go with her, but she saw another girl a little older than her, slide down belly first. So naturally, Hannah did it too. Without Daddy. I couldn't believe it!!! Head first, down the hill, with the biggest smile in the world like it was no big deal. She's not even 3 yet. And as if that weren't proof enough that she's getting older, she began to grab the sled on her own, carry it on top of her head all the way up the stairs and slide down the hill completely on her own.

Oh my gosh! Where did my baby go? Joel was teasing saying she doesn't need him anymore. I told him she'll always need him. I still need my daddy.

Sidenote: Supposedly our house is still being bought by the buyers but now they are wanting to push escrow back an additional 20 days. After they were the ones who requested a 30 day escrow. Making us nervous. If this falls through, we're stuck with an empty house (all stuff in storage) and at a terrible time to sell -- holidays! Fingers crossed this will go through. October 15th is now the date.

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Mary said...

Looks like you had a great time at the fair. I agree with fairs being overpriced though. We passed on going to ours this year.I can't believe how grown up Hannah looks! She's not too much older than Casey, and I'm amazed everyday how fast my baby is growing up.

So sorry to hear about your sister's dog (and the others). That is just so sad!

Good luck with getting your house to close....hope it all goes well!