Friday, September 5, 2008

Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin

Who sings that song? Or should I say screams that song? You know, that heavy metal, head banging one?

Makaela has rolled over. This is not the picture of the first time but it's her happiest time. She's been strong since day 1 so the fact that she can hold her head up and look around once she gets on her tummy is not surprising. Most times she gets really frustrated. But on this day, she was happy watching me walk around doing my thing for quite a while. Pretty soon she'll be crawling and I will be in a whole new hell. Keeping those eyes peeled for little things on the ground; making sure cords are out of reach; corners padded; rooms gated off. Too bad the Olympics aren't next year. I could probably be a decent hurdler by then.

1 comment:

Jennifer Priest said...

Wow how cute she is!! crack me up!