Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What the ...

So I feel a need to document that today we had an earthquake. And it was no small earthquake. A 5.4 with the epicenter in Chino Hills (aka - right next door to us). I was sitting here at the computer trying to put in for a quote on a bathtub refinisher (anybody know of a good one?) when all of the sudden a rumbling begins. Upon later listening to NPR, I now know this was the P wave. Milliseconds later ... the shaking (the S wave).

I can't explain what physically happens to me during an earthquake but I know I am not alone. It's almost a paralysis. And I am sure that is due to the incredible SURGE of adrenaline that rushes through my system. I HATE earthquakes. The absolute suddenness of them coupled with the inablility to control them or to know when they will end and when they will strike again horrifies me.

I can only thank God that my toddler was away (far away) with the grandparents so that she didn't have to see me freaking out, yelling, "Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!" Yes, sailor mouth comes out in times of fear (and anger and stress ...). And the baby was just drifting off to sleep in her crib. After the shaking ended I ran to her and swooped her up in my arms. Of course I felt guilty because I waited until AFTER the earthquake to get her. Is that wrong? I feel like if I were a good mom I would have rushed to her mid-shake, but I think I have heard it's best to take cover until the EQ is over and then go to the kids. I don't know.

The only damage done was a few things fell from their spots on shelves and mantles. Lost a few glass pieces in the garage. Our mirror above our mantle must have flown off the wall because it now lays 3 feet out on the floor. But it came off because we only had it leaning. Another reason it was good Hannah was out of town because she often sits right where the mirror landed. All I can say for that is lesson learned. The mirror will not be going back up. Can you believe it didn't break? Maybe that's because it's 50+ years old and was made during a time where quality actually meant something. Don't get me started there!

A funny story about this earthquake business: my friend has triplets (2 1/2 year olds - two boys and one girl). The little girl started to cry during the earthquake, one little boy looked at mom and said, "What's that?" and the other little boy said, "A truck fell outside." Isn't that cute?! It sure felt like a truck fell outside I tell ya.

Anyways, despite a few nerves being rattled, we're all OK. A few more things to thank God for tonight and like I said, a few lessons learned.

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Jennifer Priest said...

Glad you are all okay!! Wow--I hear there was alot of glass breaking type damage out your way.

As far as the tub refinisher, the guy I know is up here but he may go down there too. He is called Captain Tub and they do an awesome job--fixed a hole in my tub and you'd never know it was ever there.