Friday, July 18, 2008

Destined to survive!

Yesterday afternoon I forced myself to go outside in the backyard with my toddler while the baby slept. I say forced because sadly, being outdoors isn't my favorite place to be these days. The heat doesn't help but I am not sure it would be any different if it were a nice 75 degrees out as opposed to the 90+ degrees (supposed to get into the 100's soon too). Anyways, we played a little bit and then I began to sweep the patio. Which led to moving around some plants, which finally led to me emptying out a really nice pot I was given almost a year ago so that it could house a plumeria stalk I had. Maybe that's why I don't want to go outside. When I do, I can't sit still because there is so much that needs to be done.

Here's the thing about the stalk. It too was given to me about a year ago. You know the kind that you buy in Hawaii that are in a plastic bag and you bring them home to plant? Yes, I had never gotten around to sticking it in some dirt. Shame on me! What's worse is that in a mad rush to clean clutter quite a while back (we must have been expecting guests), my husband tossed it into a glass jar underneath our kitchen sink. So for heaven knows how many months, this poor plant has been under the sink. Every once in a while I would peek at it and be amazed that it was not completely brown and dead, but yet I never pulled it out from under the sink.

Well, yesterday when I got this nice pot cleaned out and filled with dirt, I went to the sink and pulled out my plumeria stalk. Much to my surprise, the darn thing had started to sprout new stalks!!! I was so amazed. How on earth, with no water and no light, did this thing manage to do that?! You can see the stalk is pretty withered and sad and yet still life managed to sustain itself.

Now it has what I hope it thinks is a new happy home. I am really hoping it will take root and grow into a beautiful scented plant. It would seem this plant was destined to make it. Have you ever smelled plumeria? To die for. Maybe if it does continue to grow, I will post updated pictures of it here.

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Jennifer Priest said...

You crack me up!! I have some cactuses that Xaver put in our storage building about a year ago. he told me they were white last time he looked in on them. I'm scared to check it out. Hopefully the plat lives--bet you will get some awesome photos of the flowers!!