Monday, January 23, 2012


This picture is taken by me as I am coming up on the finish line. I don't know anyone in it. LOL

Yesterday I ran a half marathon. I ran one last year as well and I am pleased to say I performed substantilally better this year, shaving almost a full minute off of my pace. The thing I am most proud of t his time, is that somehow, I managed to run the entire 13.1 miles. In all of my training runs over 8 miles, I have had to walk at least some of it. So I think I owe this accomplishment to the great energy of all the people both running and cheering.

Here are my results:

Overall: 4694 out of 7269

For all of the women I placed: 2395 out of 4289

For all the females in my age group (F 30-34) I placed: 496 out of 844

Finish Time/Pace: 2:23:03 / Pace: 10:55

My Split Time at the 6.6 Mi mark: 1:14:20 Pace: 11:16 (meaning I somehow sped up in the 2nd half of the race)

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