Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas Party - Zero

I finally got my pictures uploaded of my daughter's Nightmare Before Christmas party decor and thought I would share them here. There were so many more ideas I had for the party that never came to fruition because I ran out of time, but here we go.

I'll start with my favorite piece. Zero the ghost dog that belongs to Jack Skellington.

I got the idea from here.

He was quite simple so don't be intimidated. Seriously, I am have very little experience sewing anything. All you need to do is find a good picture of him from the movie and then follow the tips on the link I provided above. The only additional tips I have are:

(1) don't be concerned about quality fabric - the shearer the better since he's a ghost dog

(2) use white hangers when forming the ears so you don't see too much of the metal in them when done and rather than cutting out the shape of the ear from fabric and forming the hanger onto that, I formed the shape of the ear with the hanger first, then hot glued that to my fabric, then trimmed all the excess fabric but about a 1/2 inch from it, and then hot glued the remaining edges of fabric around the back side of the ear.


laurel sandoval said...

How did you make the head portion?

laurel sandoval said...

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Krista Nash said...

There's a link in the post that takes you to where I got the idea from. She exains how she did hers and I did the same thing. Here is what she says:For the head, I drew out the profile on a sheet of paper until I was happy with it. Then I cut this shape out of two pieces of white fabric, sewed them together leaving the neck open, turned it inside out, stuffed it and sewed the neck onto a 24"x24" piece of white fabric.

shanna hebert said...

when i click on the link it takes me to a site about teeth!

Shari said...

Searched the site myself and nothing by dentist info.