Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a Good Coffee Life

This is a little project I whipped up for an auction basket donation for my daughter's school. Each class has to prepare a basket for a silent auction that will raise money for the school. Her class's theme is Starbucks. We donated $5 to be put on a gift card, but as each day passed, the depseration in the teacher's voice grew as she pleaded for parents to contribute. Well, I have given more money in the first 8 weeks of school than I thought I ever would, so more wasn't an option. What was an option was all the scrapbook supplies I have lying around. So with great pleasure, I dedicated a few nights to making this fun minibook.

Each page is actually a coffee sleeve you get when Starbucks gives you your order. I took four of them and covered them in patterned paper. Then I sewed the bottoms closed on each sleeve so they could be used as a pocket. Then I punched them with my bind it all and used a 1" white wire ring to turn it into a book. The rest is random embellishments as you'll see. In each pocket, I turned an empty Starbucks gift card into a tag.

I think this could be a great gift for that coffee drinking friend.

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