Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ummmm ... yeah!

Holy cow! Once again, it's been a long time since I have posted here. I just noticed that my last post was #200. That seems like a lot of posts but then you realize I have been doing this since 2008 and then it doesn't seem that impressive.

Anyways I feel like I have been busy but I am not sure I have a whole lot to show for it. I did snap pictures of some projects I have completed recently and will share them over the coming days.

We were on vacation from 8/28 thru 9/11 so that explains some of my absence. We went to Utah (Zion and Moab) as well as Colorado (Breckenridge and Colorado). It was a great trip except for the ER visit with Hannah and then the subsequent stomach flu that worked it's way through the whole family taking away a grand total of 6 (yes that says six) days of quality family time. One of us was always staying with the healthy child or taking both children so the sick adult could rest. Unfortunately this always happens with us when we take a vacation. Usually it's only me, but the last two times we have done a big vacation (coincidentally both were to CO), the whole family gets sick. I tell ya, it's enough to make me swear off ever leaving our house again.
Then we returned and Hannah started school. That's an adjustment. She's still in preschool but goes every day now. Of course she's doing well and loving every minute of it.

She also started soccer. It was a bit of a fiasco getting her situated with a team. Too long of a story to even bother posting here but now she's on a great team and is very welcomed. She scored her first goal ever and of the game last weekend. And can you believe that I didn't see it?!!! No, I was tending to the other child who simply had to have a drink of water at that moment. Oh well. I am sure there will be more to come. It's a total blast being on the sidelines cheering for her. The whole game consists of twenty minutes of play. The way it's set up the girls are playing the whole time with a 5 minute break in the middle. Towards the middle of the 2nd half, you could see Hannah was gassed. It was as if she was thinking, "Yeah, if the ball comes near me then maybe I'll try to kick it, but I am not running from either side of the field anymore." Clearly we need to condition her some more. :)

Her birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks so that means I am knee deep in planning. We're doing a Candy Land themed party. This weekend NEEDS to be go time otherwise we are screwed! You know I will post pictures of how the party turns out here. I am nervous because this is the first year we're not doing a bouncer. We're going to try games instead. That means I need to be on top of everything and attempt to keep all their attention. There could be 25 kids. Yikes!

So I thought I would end this post with a project Hannah did since most of this stuff is about her. On Tuesday she was in my scraproom and asked to play with one of my embellishment containers that holds my brads and eyelets and stuff. Fine, sure. Then she says she wants to use them. I tell her she has to have a specific project in mind. She decides she wants to do a layout. I tell her to find a picture she wants to use. And she picks a cute one of herself. Somehow I managed to find time to sit and help her do a layout. She picked everything out (paper, embellishments, etc - I even let her use the one and only favorite crystal brad of mine that I had been saving for a very special occasion; you know the kind that never seem to come around?). She trimmed the paper down. She placed everything. The only thing I told her was that nothing could hang over the edge of the page and the paper had to go down first and then the photo and then the embellishements. I did all the gluing, but I swear I put it exactly where she laid it out. Throughout the process I kept saying I thought she had too many pieces of paper but she wouldn't remove any of them. I made her tell me about the layout so I could journal for her. She wrote her name on the "CUTE" die cut piece. So here's the finished product and I have to say, it's pretty darn good. So excited to have another scrapbooker in the family.

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