Saturday, May 15, 2010

An oldie but a goodie

Here's something I have been meaning to post for some time. Another baby album I did for a friend's shower. It uses the same paper line as the last album I posted. While there are quite a bit of similarities, I think you'll agree they're still individual and unique pieces of work. (please excuse the awful pictures. I was up late into the night before the shower and had to take the pictures in bad light)

Note to self (regarding picture below) ... don't use Stickles to adhere crystals. Or if you do, make sure you don't accidentally bump the page when photographing. If you can believe it, I didn't catch this mistake until I uploaded the photos. Meaning yes, I did give my friend the album in this condition. Ugh! To this day, I am so mad at myself and have not contacted her about it. I don't know what I should do. She lives out of state. Should I tell her to fleck the crystals off and send her new ones that she can glue down. That seems kind of tacky. Yet I hate that she has this messed up page in her album.

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Mary said...

You should seriously open up a store online and sell these things! I would totally buy one for my future little girl. :) Nice job...I'm sure your friend won't care about 1 tiny little flaw in the whole book.