Monday, November 23, 2009

Recent projects

Here's some quick glimpses of two baby albums I just gave to friends. I lieterally was taking photos of these things minutes before I threw them into the bag and ran off to give them away. Hence the poor photos.

This first album is for a baby due in 2 weeks. The gender of the baby is unknown so this is my version of gender neutral. "It" has an older brother so there's a special page in the album for a picture of the two of them. The base of the album is wood. I got it from a store called Ever After.

This album is for a sweet little girl named Eva who arrived back in September. Yes, I am terrible and it took me that long to get it off to her.

The neat thing was that these two albums were for two sisters.

Jaque, if you're reading this ... I am trying to get an album ready for Charlie. Unfortunately, I am not sure if it will come before Christmas.

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