Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ugh! I can't stand it one more minute! Looking at my last entry about Valentine's Day stuff (from well over a month ago) each day I click on my blog to direct me to my favorite daily reads (posted on left side). I am so sick of looking at those heart felt wreaths and balls! So now is as good as time as any to just get something else up here. I am very excited that this weekend I will be going away to another scrapbook weekend. If you or your friends are in the SoCal area and are looking for a place to spend a weekend, I highly recommend Scrapbook Inn. We are going to be staying at their newly aquired 2nd location. Their original one is wonderful and this new place is supposedly even better. I can't wait. I am aiming to get lots of layouts done. It's going to be the weekend of my Hannah. In packing I came across a TON of Hannah photos from years past that obviously were supposed to be documented but never were. Shocker I know! So rather than print out new photos, I am just going to take this huge pile with me and hopefully get somewhat caught up. I just went to Scrappin In the Hills and purchased quite a collection of cardstock so I have no excuses for not getting pages done.

So in case you were wondering what all has been going on in the 1 month plus I have been absent:

Niece #2 was born. Welcome Payton!

I worked on my photography skills.

We went to Disneyland with Joel's parents.

Experienced the first loose tooth. Yes she's only 4!

Experienced the first LOST tooth! The Tooth Fairy brought 8 quarters and a special note.

Planted a garden. (Red bell, Green bell, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, Big Boy tomatoes?, and Green beans)

Decorated Easter eggs.

Helped the Easter Bunny make these baskets.

Enjoyed the girls having a blast on Easter.

I am currently trying to work on Makaela's Ariel/Under the Sea 2nd Birthday party. Sigh! If only there were enough time and energy to make all my ideas come true.
OK I am off to get some sleep so I can be well rested for my scrapbook weekend. I am beyond excited.
Have a great weekend ... if you haven't stopped following me due to lack of frequent posts. :)

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